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Nearby Attractions

Nearby Attractions

Hereford is within easy reach of the Midlands, the Cotswolds, and mid and south Wales and the Waterworks Museum is located close to the banks of the river Wye about 1km from the City Centre.

The Waterworks Museum has indoor and outdoor exhibits and offers something for all the family, including a Water Heritage Park for younger visitors where children can have fun and operate pumps, lift water from a well, play the part of a donkey pushing a capstan pump and learn to filter water.

A typical visitor will spend between one to two hours at the Waterworks Museum – Hereford, and perhaps longer on the days when the Museum is operating in steam.

For this reason, visitors often combine a visit to the Museum with a visit to one of Hereford’s other major attractions, most notably the impressive Norman Cathedral and its chained library and Mappa Mundi Museum, or the Cider Museum.

Hereford Cathedral

Built on a place of worship used since Saxon times, Hereford Cathedral contains some of the finest examples of architecture from Norman times to the present day, including the 13th century Shrine of St. Thomas of Hereford, the recently restored 14th century Lady Chapel and the award-winning 20th century New Library Building.

The award-winning Mappa Mundi & Chained Library Exhibition houses the spectacular medieval map of the world and the Cathedral’s unique Chained Library, telling the stories of these national treasures through models, artefacts and changing exhibitions and displays.

Hereford Society of Model Engineers

The Hereford Society of Model Engineers was started in Hereford in 1962, with the aim of building a miniature railway. The society has grown over the years and now has its own multi-purpose site at Broomy Hill, catering for all forms of model engineering.

All popular gauges of model locomotives are catered for with both a raised and a ground level track. Members enjoy regular working parties, twice-monthly meetings and a quarterly magazine

On our In-steam Days at the Waterworks Museum, why not visit the Hereford Society of Model Engineers to see if they are having a Public Running Day, makes for an enjoyable day for all the family.

Hereford Cider Museum

Visit Hereford’s Cider Museum and explore the story of traditional cider making – how the apples were milled and pressed and how the resulting juice was fermented to produce cider.

A tour of the Museum reveals the history of cidermaking and visitors have the opportunity of walking through original champagne cider cellars and viewing a copper’s workshop, vat house and cider making memorabilia.

A programme of events is arranged throughout the year.