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Admission & Other Charges

(not in steam)
Family open-days
(in steam)
Adults £5.00£7.00
Seniors £4.00£6,00
Children under 16FREEFREE
Students (16+)£2.00£2.00


Free admission for:

  • Visiting public under the age of 16
  • Members of the Waterworks Museum
  • Members of the Museums Association (cards to be shown)
  • Visitors bearing complimentary admission cards (cards to be given up)
  • Coach drivers/couriers (plus free tea/coffee)

Admission of Dogs

Museum policy is that dogs may be admitted to the Museum grounds on a leash, but for the safety of other visitors this is always at the discretion of Museum staff.

Dogs are not permitted in the Museum buildings or the Noel Meeke Heritage Water Park (with the exception of Assistance Dogs).

Group Visits

Occasional private group visits can be arranged at most times of the year. However, please note that the large engines may be drained down for safety reason from November to March.

A pre-booked group visit comprises of:

  • 2 hour visit
  • Tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival
  • Introductory talk
  • Guided tour of the Museum (typical group size up to 10)

Not in steam

The minimum charge for a visit NOT in steam is £140 for a group of up to 20 people (includes £20 hire charge).

For larger groups there is an additional charge of £6 per person.

Your two hour visit can be arranged to start from 11.00am until 6.30pm.

In Steam

The minimum charge for a visit IN STEAM is £260 for a group of up to 20 people (includes £20 hire charge).

For larger groups there is an additional charge of £8 per person.

Your two hour visit in steam can be arranged to start from 12.00 (midday) until 6.30pm.

Please note (for all group visits):

  1. Special rates may be available for local community groups and small registered charities. Please enquire for more details.
  2. The Museum will do its best to accommodate group visits on the day and at the time of choice. However, this will always be subject to the availability of a sufficient number of volunteers to open and operate the Museum safely. Please remember that the Waterworks Museum has no paid staff.

Educational Visits

Pre-booked educational visits are generally provided free of charge. However, as the Museum is a wholly volunteer organisation with no regular income, a donation is always appreciated.

Copying of learning materials may be charged at cost.


Light refreshments are always available (tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks only).

In addition:

  • A selection of freshly made filled rolls may be available when booked in advance.
  • For larger groups a sandwich buffet can be arranged (minimum 2-weeks notice needed). This will be agreed in advance and invoiced at cost with the addition of a £25 arrangement fee.


The Waterworks Museum is not operated as a commercial venture, however, the Visitor Centre may be available for occasional private hire for social occasions, or small business meetings and conferences (maximum capacity 100).

  • Hire is always subject to the availability of a sufficient number of volunteers to enable to the Museum to be opened safely.
  • Use of the Museum’s facilities by charities and local community groups may be subsidised (at the sole discretion of the Trustees).
  • Access to the Museum building and its collection, or to the Musuem grounds (including the Heritage Water Park), is only available by prior agreement.

For more information (availability, facilities, hire charges, etc) please send an email to:


Amateur photographers may use hand held cameras at the Waterworks Museum without charge, providing the images taken are for personal and strictly non-commercial purposes.

All other forms of photography and filming will need permission and (if applicable) payment of a charge.

Photographers who wish to use a tripod will need to sign a declaration at the Reception Desk. We reserve the right to refuse permission to use a tripod in the Waterworks Museum or in the Museum grounds.


The Waterworks Museum can be made available for commercial hire by photographers or film and TV organisations at the following rates:

Museum not in steam – i.e. only motorised pumps and exhibits running:

  • £300  for up to 3 hours – weekdays/between 9am – 5pm
  • Hire at other times/for longer duration subject to negotiation.

Museum open with steam engines operating:

  • £750 for up to 3-hours – weekdays/between 12-4pm.
  • Hire at other times/for longer duration subject to negotiation

The Museum is not ordinarily available for hire on a Tuesday or, from late March to the end of October, on the second or last Sunday of the month. These are days on which the Waterworks Museum is open to the public.

For more information or to initiate discussion please send an email to:


By private individuals and students (non-substantial requests)

  • Access to the archives will be provided only when the Museum is open or on other days by prior arrangement.
  • The Museum does charge where only a limited amount of information is required and this is readily available – but we do ask for a commensurate donation to the Museum’s funds.

By private individuals and students (substantial requests)

  • Such requests must be specified in advance. The Museum reserves the right to levy a proportionate charge up to the charge levied on commercial organisations.

By commercial organisations

  • Use of the archives in person, requests for information to be provided from the archives by the Collections Managers, or the supply of professional information by officers of the Waterworks Museum.
  • £50-£100/hour depending on complexity (minimum £50).
  • The Museum does not define ‘Commercial organisations’, but this will be deemed to include authors and publishers of books and journals, requests for technical information (other than from private individuals or not-for-profit bodies) and film or TV organisations.

Copying and postage (for all archive users)

  • Document copying will be charged at 10p/page for black and white copy. Requests for documents or information larger than A4 or in colour will be met via an external printer as the Museum does not have facilities for this.
  • Postage will be charged at prevailing rates.