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Who can Volunteer?

There is more to volunteering at the Waterworks Museum than you might think and opportunities fall into four broad groups: Engineering, Museum services, Museum organisation, and Building and grounds maintenance.
Anyone can volunteer – no experience is necessary and you don’t need to have an engineering background. If you are an experienced engineer, there will be many opportunities for applying your knowledge and skills to restoring, running and developing the Museum’s collection.
Whatever your motivation in considering volunteering, an interest in preserving and protecting industrial heritage items is key.

How much time do I need to give?

Volunteers are welcome to work whenever the Museum is open. This may be on a Tuesday (the one day a week the Museum routinely opens to the public) and/or on a family open day/special event of which there are around 20 every year (on a Sunday or bank holiday). The Museum is usually open 10am-4pm – volunteers may prefer to attend for all or part of an opening (minimum commitment 2 hours).

What happens once I register an interest in volunteering?

Once you have let us know that you are interested in volunteering, we will arrange a date for you to come in (usually on a Tuesday). After your initial visit we recommend that you come into the Museum for a few sessions to see if it is right for you. At that point we will ask you to sign a volunteer agreement.

Will I be trained?

Full training will be provided and you will have a mentor to help you get started. You will be given an induction to the museum and be kept informed of developments.

Why Volunteer at the Museum?

To partake in the opportunity to be part of a team preserving and protecting a historical heritage building and its collection. You will have the chance to develop the skills you already have and to learn new skills. We offer a welcoming, stimulating and creative environment and tasks that match the Museum’s needs with your skills, knowledge, experience or interests. You can work as part of a team or on your own, depending on the role.

Do I have to be Member of the Museum?

If you decide to become a volunteer then you will need to become a Member of the Museum in order to meet the requirements for appropriate Insurance cover. However, no-one pays a fee for membership in the first year.

How will my volunteering contribution be recognised?

There are regular opportunities to be given feedback, for you to give us feedback, as well as recognition and appreciation of your contribution.