The Waterworks Museum is actively seeking people to join the Community of Volunteers at one of Herefordshire’s leading visitor attractions and custodian of important aspects of our industrial heritage.

Join the friendly team of volunteers at the Waterworks Museum and help to present our exciting new displays and unique working engines to everyone from local families and schools, to visitors from around the world.

We have a wide range of roles whatever your background, and there is always scope to take on extra responsibility as you get more involved. We operate an equal opportunities policy and full training is provided where necessary.

Fancy Learning More About The Musuem?

Then take a look at our Museum Journal, WaterWords, which showcase the fantastic and varied work performed by our Volunteers.’ 


Many members also give their time, effort and expertise to the Museum as volunteers. Indeed everyone who works at the Museum is a volunteer and more are always needed.

Why We Need Volunteers

  • The Museum is increasingly popular with many more visitors.
  • We now open on 20 family in-steam days each year (previously 16)
  • We are receiving more group visits and educational visits.
  • We have more working engines and displays, all of which require maintenance.
  • More work is going on behind the scenes – administration, marketing, archives and research, etc.

Why Volunteer

  • The work is stimulating, worthwhile and (if you want) challenging.
  • Engage with Britain’s industrial heritage.
  • Gain satisfaction from welcoming visitors and increasing their enjoyment.
  • You will learn new skills and acquire new knowledge.
  • You can find a fresh start, different perspectives, new friends.
  • Indulge your passion.

Ways To Volunteer

  • Meet and greet our visitors as the welcoming face of the museum.
  • Share your enthusiasm by working as guides for education and group visits.
  • Work as (or assist) a Volunteer Engineer in keeping our engines and pumps in good working order.
  • Maintain displays.
  • Working behind the scenes in archiving, finance, admin, IT or marketing.
  • Keeping the museum grounds neat and tidy.
  • Help with DIY and routine maintenance.

Did You Know?

  • The Noel Meeke Heritage Water Park is the only park for children of its kind in the UK. It is named after Dr Noel Meeke who was chairman of the Museum for over 25 years.

  • Our ‘Hereford in WW2’ exhibition tells the story of the air raid and bombing of the Rotherwas Munitions Factory on 7 July 1942.

  • In 2019, volunteers working at the Waterworks Museum were aged between 19 and 91.

  • The Musuem site, which houses Welsh Water’s modern pumping station, has pumped water continuously since 1856.

Why Do I Volunteer?

Learning new skills, meeting people, a sense of giving something back, being part of something amazing.

Meeting lovely people and delight in being involved in my favourite place, such a privilege.

The sense of fun on site, contributing to something bigger than yourself, learning new skills.

I arrived, not knowing what to expect, but was immediately reassured by the warm and friendly welcome.

I wanted to learn, I enjoy working in a professional garden environment and it’s a haven of tranquillity.