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Donations to the Waterworks Museum can be financial or of items gifted or loaned to the Museum collection.

Financial Donation

The Waterworks Museum is a small independently funded museum that relies on funding from a range of sources, including donations. We receive no public funding.

If you wish to make a financial donation you may do by clicking on DONATE or by sending a cheque payable to ‘Waterworks Museum – Hereford’ to The Treasurer, Waterworks Museum, Broomy Hill, Hereford HR4 0LJ.

All donations will be acknowledged on the Museum website (unless requested otherwise).

Gift Aid

The Waterworks Museum is a registered charity (number 515866).

If you are a UK taxpayer. then you can increase the value of your donation (at no extra cost to you) by completion of a Gift Aid.

This will increase the value of your gift by 25% as the Museum will be able to recover from HMRC a sum equivalent to the basic rate tax you will have paid on your gift.

To allow the Waterworks Museum to benefit in this way please print, complete and return our Gift Aid Form.

For more information please email:

Bequest or Donate in Memory

If you are considering remembering the Waterworks Museum through a gift in your will our Treasurer would be happy to talk to you about how your contribution could benefit the work of the Museum.

Your legacy gift could have a lasting impact.

Similarly, when we lose a loved one a Donate in Memory of a friend or family member is another way to support the Waterworks Museum.

For more information please email

Donate an object or item

The Waterworks Museum is very grateful to those who wish to donate to our collection, but please don’t bring anything to the Museum or send us anything by post without contacting us first. This is so we can ensure that the Museum would make a good home for your item.

New items need to be a good fit with our Collections Development Policy and, where necessary, we must ensure that we have the resources to restore an item and the space available in which to store or display it.

Please send as much information as possible, including a photograph by email to

Please note that we do not normally accept items:

  • on long term loan, or
  • which have specific or onerous conditions attached to them.

If you are asked to bring an item to the Waterworks Museum, please note that our building is only routinely open to the public on a Tuesday between 10am and 4pm. Other times can be agreed by prior arrangement or we can often arrange collection by one of our volunteers. We do not have any secure external place in which items may just be left.

What happens if your item is accepted?

  • You will be asked to sign a Form of Gift or Loan. This will describe the item being donated, including its condition and whether it is a gift or a loan, and include a declaration that you own or have the necessary right or permission to make the donation. It will also set out any special conditions. This form must be signed and dated by both donor and the Museum.

Your item will be accessioned to the Museum collection and, unless otherwise agreed, stored, displayed and made available for research purposes in accordance with the Museum’s collection management policies.

Why we might say no
We do not have the space or capacity to receive everything that is offered to us, so please do not be offended if we decline an offer. This may be because:

  • we already have the same or similar item in our collection
  • the item is not in good enough condition to be restored
  • we do not have the capacity to receive it (storage or display space, budget to restore)
  • there is not enough information about the history or legal ownership of the item.

If we are unable to accept your gift/donation we can often suggest another museum or organisation that would make a good home for your item.