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Worth Mackenzie Triple Expansion Steam Engine 1895

Worth-McKenzie triple expansion steam engine. Worth McKenzie Ltd of Stockton-on-Tees. The oldest triple-expansion, double-acting, inverted, condensing steam engine still operating in the UK. Originally installed to draw raw water from the River Wye and deliver it to the treatment works on Broomy Hill behind the pumping station. Clean water descended from the treatment works to…
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Tangye Single Cylinder Steam Engine 1890

Tangye single-cylinder horizontal steam engine (static exhibit). Tangye Ltd of Birmingham. This single-cylinder horizontal steam engine was used at the Hereford Sanitary Laundry where it provided the power, via an overhead lay shaft and belts, for many different processes. It carries a large pulley wheel, with gracefully curved spokes, on the flywheel shaft, which would…
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