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Hayward Tyler Rider Type 0.5HP Hot Air Engine 1890

Hayward-Tyler 'Rider' type 0.5hp hot air engine. Hayward-Tyler Ltd of Luton. Originally installed to power a borehole pump at Swainshill in Herefordshire. Hot-air engines work on the Stirling cycle and are not very efficient. However they require no boiler and can be fuelled by virtually anything combustible. Power rating: 0.5hp. Water lift: 33 metres (110…
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Museum Main Building 1856 – 1906

Museum main building; Hereford's Victorian water-pumping station The Hereford Improvement Act of 1854 gave the City Council permission to pave the streets of High Town (the central part of Hereford), install gas lighting, and to provide the citizens with piped, potable water. A site for the waterworks was chosen at Broomy Hill, about 1km upstream…
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Warner Hydraulic Ram 1889

Warner hydraulic ram (plus other rams and hydrostat). Robert Warner & Co. Hydraulic rams require no external source of power such as an engine or motor. They operate due to the inertia of the water flowing towards them. With a reasonably good head, a hydraulic ram can achieve an efficiency of some 12%. They are…
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Wilson Hartnell Dynamo 1890

Wilson-Hartnell dynamo. Wilson-Hartnell of Leeds. Originally sited at the Refuse Destructor Works of Barry Urban District Council, Glamorgan, where it was driven by a Tangye steam engine. The dynamo provided power for the destructor works and a local school. At the Museum the dynamo is driven from the National Gas engine. Output: 110V DC.
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