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Riley Brothers Lancashire Boiler 1895

Lancashire boiler Riley Brothers Ltd of Stockton-on-Tees. Twin-flue, coal fired Lancashire-type boiler with Galloway tubes and water injector. Installed to provide steam for the Worth McKenzie triple-expansion steam engine. Steam-operated water injector later replaced with a Worthington Simpson water feed pump. Working pressure: 160 psi (11 atmospheres). Output: 907 kg/hour (2000 lb/hour) saturated steam. Water…
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Campbell Hot Tube Gas Engine 1895

Made by the Campbell Gas Engine Co Ltd of Halifax, these engines run on producer or coal gas ignited in the combustion chamber from heat from an external flame conducted via a ceramic (hot) tube. This engine was used at Rhos-on-Sea, North Wales, as a donkey engine to provide compressed air for starting larger water-pumping…
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Worth Mackenzie Triple Expansion Steam Engine 1895

Worth-McKenzie triple expansion steam engine. Worth McKenzie Ltd of Stockton-on-Tees. The oldest triple-expansion, double-acting, inverted, condensing steam engine still operating in the UK. Originally installed to draw raw water from the River Wye and deliver it to the treatment works on Broomy Hill behind the pumping station. Clean water descended from the treatment works to…
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Easton, Anderson & Goolden Turbine 1890

Easton, Anderson & Goolden horizontal turbine and triple-throw pumps Easton, Anderson & Goolden Ltd of Erith, Kent. This firm operated from 1893 until 1901 but no date has been established for the pump-set. The system was installed at Caldecote Hall near Nuneaton to provide water for the hall and the estate. A horizontal water turbine…
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