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Tangye House: Ex-Leominster’s Water Pumping Station 1865

Tangye House; ex-Leominster's water-pumping station. In the 1860s Leominster, an important market town in Herefordshire, endured several epidemics of typhoid fever from contaminated drinking water. Many of the more affluent traders had their own wells in their gardens but also cesspits. Poorer people took their water direct from the Pinsley Brook. The epidemics reached such…
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Gilbert, Gilkes & Gordon Double Vortex Turbine 1880

Gilbert, Gilkes & Gordon Ltd (formerly Williamson Bros) of Kendal. A rare example of a double-vortex turbine design patented by James Thompson in 1850. Originally installed at the Bryanston Estate near Blandford, Dorset, where it drove a 1.8 metre (6 foot) diameter circular saw in the estate saw mill. Peripheral inlet; double-axial discharge. Quad guide-vane…
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Guest & Grimes Water Level Instrument 1856

Original water-level indicator on site (1856), installed to monitor the level of water in the sump below the building from which the first beam engine pumped water. A float on the water surface connects by cord to a drum mechanism which actuates the indicating needle through gearing. The sump is supplied by water through deep…
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Doulton Candle Type Ceramic Water Filter 1890

A typical domestic water filter of the late Victorian period to remove harmful bacteria, such as those causing typhoid and cholera, from drinking water. Used mainly in country districts where no public water supply was available. The small inner container is fitted with five porous unglazed porcelain filter candles through which the impure water passes…
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Simpson Beam Engine Pump 1851

Harvey's of Hayle, Cornwall. Built to a Simpson design specifically developed for waterworks use. Originally installed at Ely Wells, Cardiff in 1851 to pump clean water after polluted water from the River Taff had killed one in fifty of the population in an outbreak of cholera in 1850. Later pumped water at Rhiwbina before being…
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Joseph Evans Reciprocating Pump 1888

Joseph Evans double-acting single-cylinder reciprocating pumps. Joseph Evans & Co of Wolverhampton. Two pumps in the form of a handed pair originally driven by double-acting steam cylinders. Installed at Alton Court Waterworks, Ross-on-Wye, to lift water from boreholes to a closed reservoir above the town. In 1912 the steam cylinders were replaced by a National…
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