Worth Mackenzie Triple Expansion Steam Engine 1895

  • Worth-McKenzie triple expansion steam engine.
  • Worth McKenzie Ltd of Stockton-on-Tees.
  • The oldest triple-expansion, double-acting, inverted, condensing steam engine still operating in the UK.
  • Originally installed to draw raw water from the River Wye and deliver it to the treatment works on Broomy Hill behind the pumping station.
  • Clean water descended from the treatment works to the high-pressure pumps, below the centre cylinder of the engine, for return to the water-tower tank.
  • Three steam cylinders of increasing bore.
  • Steam-heated cylinder jackets and valve chests.
  • Meyer valve gear on the high pressure cylinder.
  • Original steam pressure: 120 psi (8 atmospheres).
  • Current steam pressure: 50 psi (3.3 atmospheres).
  • Speed of rotation: 26 rpm.
  • Pumping capacity: 4.5 Mlitres (1 million gallons) per 12 hours in situ.