Museum Main Building 1856 – 1906

  • Museum main building; Hereford's Victorian water-pumping station
  • The Hereford Improvement Act of 1854 gave the City Council permission to pave the streets of High Town (the central part of Hereford), install gas lighting, and to provide the citizens with piped, potable water.
  • A site for the waterworks was chosen at Broomy Hill, about 1km upstream from the City centre on the River Wye.
  • Two years later the initial works were complete with the water intake, pumping station and treatment works all constructed.
  • The pumping station in 1856 comprised the boiler house and engine house with tall boiler chimney on the south side.
  • As the demand for water increased, buildings were added progressively to the original construction.
  • However, the municipal architecture was kept consistent and, apart from subtle differences in the brick colour, the whole building looks at first glance to have been constructed as a single entity.
  • The final addition, an annexe at the west end, was built in 1906.
  • The whole building is now Listed Grade 2 by English Heritage and is a Scheduled Monument.
  • The Museum is designated a site of clear national importance.