Hayward Tyler Rider Type 1HP Hot Air Engine 1880

  • Hayward-Tyler & Co of Luton.
  • Installed originally at Taplow Lodge on the Cliveden Estate in Buckinghamshire, the engine was housed in a cellar and pumped water for the household and garden from a deep well.
  • It was discovered in 1991 by the National Trust.
  • Following recovery it was restored by local enthusiasts and re-commissioned in 1995.
  • Until 2004 the engine was run once a year in Buckinghamshire.
  • Probably the only hot-air engine of this size remaining in the UK.
  • Engine No 583 rated at 1hp (largest size manufactured).
  • Pumping capacity: 4.5kL (1000 gallons) from a well 46 metres (150 feet) deep per day.