Easton, Anderson & Goolden Turbine 1890

  • Easton, Anderson & Goolden horizontal turbine and triple-throw pumps Easton, Anderson & Goolden Ltd of Erith, Kent.
  • This firm operated from 1893 until 1901 but no date has been established for the pump-set.
  • The system was installed at Caldecote Hall near Nuneaton to provide water for the hall and the estate.
  • A horizontal water turbine of the Founeyron-type powers three reciprocating pumps through a pinion and crown wheel from the vertical shaft of the turbine to the pump crankshaft.
  • Gear reduction: 2.5:1.
  • Turbine input: 4546 litres per minute (1000 gallons per minute).
  • Turbine speed: 160rpm.