Doulton Candle Type Ceramic Water Filter 1890

  • A typical domestic water filter of the late Victorian period to remove harmful bacteria, such as those causing typhoid and cholera, from drinking water.
  • Used mainly in country districts where no public water supply was available.
  • The small inner container is fitted with five porous unglazed porcelain filter candles through which the impure water passes slowly, to be stored in the outer container.
  • The candles can be unscrewed, brushed clean, and then sterilised by boiling.
  • John Doulton founded Doulton & Watts Pottery in Lambeth.
  • His son Henry joined the firm in 1835 bringing flair, innovation and new products including ceramic water filters.
  • This example was formerly used at Tedstone Court near Bromyard in Herefordshire.