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Herefordshire Water Board 1960 1974 1

The Herefordshire Water Board was the statutory water undertaker for Herefordshire between the years of 1960 and 1974, and the 60th anniversary of its founding was to have been celebrated at the Waterworks Museum on Founders’ Day (24 May 2020). This celebration was planned because, as explained below, the existence of the Waterworks Museum was directly linked to the formation of the Herefordshire Water Board.

The Directors are unable to open the Waterworks Museum for Founders’ Day so instead we have produced the information we would have placed on display onto our website. This can be accessed from in the displays below (and later in the Historic Water Supplies section of our website).

Three senior officers of the Herefordshire Water Board took action in the 1960’s, which meant that important heritage assets in Hereford and at other locations were preserved and later made available to the Herefordshire Waterworks Museum Charitable Trust.  This is further explained in DISPLAY 1 (Herefordshire Water Board - Waterworks Museum).

The formation of a county wide water board was opposed by all but one of the former local authority run water undertakers. However, this did not deter the Government of the day which, for the first time, used powers under the Water Act 1945 to direct a statutory amalgamation of undertakers to create the Herefordshire Water Board. This story is told in DISPLAY 2 (Herefordshire Water Board 1960-74 (Storyboard).

DISPLAY 3 (Area served by Herefordshire Water Board) shows a map of the statutory area of the Herefordshire Water Board, which shows both parish and local authority boundaries.

The main challenge passed to the Herefordshire Water Board was to increase the distribution of a piped water supply to cover the whole of the county, which in 1960 was only available in a few limited areas.  How the Water Board rose to this challenge is explained in DISPLAY 4 (Growth In Piped Water Supply 1960-1974).

The final display is in two parts and relates to the opening in April 1966 of the water treatment works at Whitbourne, on the River Teme.  DISPLAY 5A describes the scheme and lists the villages that were supplied with piped water from Whitbourne (Whitbourne WTW opened April 1966) and DISPLAY 5B lists the wells and springs from which these villages previously received their water supplies (Water Sources in Bromyard RDC – HMSO 1935).

Further information will be added to the Museum’s website (Historic Water Supplies section) when ongoing research is completed. In the meantime, queries or requests for further information should please be sent to

Growth In Piped Water Supply In Herefordshire 1960 1974 (maps Only)