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Free Education Resource for Key Stage 3

New KS3 Resource

The University of Worcester, Institute of Education and the Waterworks Museum - Hereford are pleased to announce the availability of new education modules to support secondary teachers in the delivery of national curriculum key stage-3. The modules have been developed by Trainee Teachers from the University of Worcester, as part of a PGCE Teaching and Learning Project.

The modules comprise of a sequence of lessons centred on a visit to the Waterworks Museum. The resources, which are freely available, include suggested lesson plans, PowerPoint introductions to the themes and, where appropriate, supporting resources.

In Module 1 (Water - Development Issues and Global Learning) pupils will be encouraged to think about their own use of water and from this develop their own ideas about water use for sanitation and drinking in the global context of infrastructure and access, as well as water scarcity.

Lessons in Module 2 will focus on Human Interaction with Water and will look at how this has changed over time and space. Pupils will be encouraged to form their own opinions to argue which was the most important evolution in this history.

Module 3 will look at the processes involved in river flooding, and include some work on local knowledge of Herefordshire. By investigating the question: Why do rivers flood? students will learn how human activity relies on the effective functioning of natural systems.

PGCE Trainee Teachers have developed these KS3 modules in the first phase of collaboration between the University and the Waterworks Museum. They will complement the existing education service delivered at the Museum, which in 2016/17 received visits from over 600 primary school pupils and their teachers. Last year, the Museum also received visits from students at Hereford Sixth Form College and the Hereford College of Arts.

Museum Chairman, Richard Curtis said: ‘We were delighted to the approached by the University of Worcester to work with a group of Secondary PGCE Geography Trainee Teachers for an exercise in collaborative curriculum planning. This has been very successful project. In just a matter of weeks the university Trainees identified clear and practical ways in which the Museum’s education service and visits to the Museum could support Herefordshire’s schools in delivery of the KS3 curriculum, especially for Geography and STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).’

Project Lead for the university, Jill Jackson, was keen to establish links with the Museum and found it to be a very productive and rewarding project for the geography trainees and tutors alike. The knowledge and passion shown by the Museum’s volunteers inspired and motivated the group to collaboratively plan and create an array of contemporary and relevant curriculum resources for schools.

For more information on these education resources please visit the KS3 Resource page