Further & Higher Education

Further & Higher Education

The Directors consider that the Waterworks Museum and its collection is an under used resource and would welcome discussion of how our Volunteers might support students in sixth-form or other institutions of post 16 education or in a university setting. 

Below are some examples of how the Museum has contributed in the past few years.

  • The Museum has been used as an outdoor studio for drawing lessons and photography classes. Our collection could also be used to stimulate ideas for creative writing and similar purposes.
  • Our Volunteers have delivered tutorials to business studies and tourism & hospitality students on how the Museum is operated. The Museum is a small business with a turnover of around £50,000 and is structured as a registered charity, an accredited museum and a company limited by guarantee. Tutorials have focused on business model and planning, and the legal and regulatory aspects and risks and challenges of being a volunteer run museum.
  • University students have visited to study the Museum building as an example of Victorian architecture, with archaeological features considered of national interest (which is why Broomy Hill Pumping Station is protected as a Grade II* Listed Building).
  • PGCE trainee teachers have visited the Museum on multiple occasions as part of their out of classroom development. The first such visit led to the development of the Museum’s educational offering for Key Stage 3 secondary students.

The Museum and its collections have the potential for other means to support students in further and higher education, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM).  Through the stories that sit behind each artefact in its collection, the Waterworks Museum is also a microcosm of social history and public health development since the mid-Victorian era.

For further information or to have a discussion with the Directors please email: info@waterworksmuseum.org.uk.

Further And Higher Education

Students from Hereford Sixth Form College visiting Museum for a tutorial.

Further Higher Education

Students from Worcester Institute of Education who visited the Museum in 2019.