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Fancy learning more about our work at The Waterworks Museum? Our team have created these seasonal publications that will better inform you of our work, events and showcase some of the fantastic work we carry out.


The WaterWords index has over 1,000 entries, many of them densely packed with references. There are over 320 subjects, 385 personal names, 260 names of companies or other organisations and some 50 place names.

Created over two years by volunteer Jeremy Milln, the index is a testament to the sheer range of the Museum’s collection, the reach of its purpose and the expertise and dedication of its volunteers.

A number of the more recent editions of WaterWords are available on this website, but we are not able to publish them all.

Accordingly, if you find an article of interest and would like a copy please send an email to collections@waterworksmuseum.org.

We will reply to all requests as quickly as possible, but we ask you to please note that the Waterworks Museum – Hereford is an entirely voluntary organisation open only one day a week and that it does not have the resources of a commercial operation.

‘Beware – the index is a lengthy document to send to print so may be best downloaded and saved in a form that can be searched on screen.’

INDEX OF THE JOURNAL (1975 – 1997)

A second valuable resource for those interested in the formation and early history of the Waterworks Museum – Hereford is ‘The Journal’, which began as a quarterly publication in July 1975 and ran until Autumn 1997 when the first issue of WaterWords came out.

This index is takes the form of an alphabetic cross referenced list of names, places and subjects.

The Journal index is shorter than the index for WaterWords, but still a lengthy document that may be best downloaded and saved in a form that can be searched on screen.