New KS3 Resource

New Education Modules for Key Stage 3

The Waterworks Museum is pleased to be able to offer three themed education modules to support the geography national curriculum at key stage 3, which have been developed by Trainee Teachers from the University of Worcester, Institute of Education, as part of a PGCE Teaching and Learning Project.

The modules comprise a sequence of lessons centred on a visit to the Waterworks Museum, with a suggested lesson plan, PowerPoint introductions to the theme and appropriate supporting resources.

Module/Theme 1: Water - Development Issues & Global Learning

Lesson 1 / Lesson 2 / Lesson 3

This module will encourage pupils to think about their own use of water and develop ideas about water use for sanitation, drinking, infrastructure and access, as well as water scarcity.

  • Lesson 1 will encourage enquiry into student’s own use of water and put this into context, test prior knowledge and build on it in a global context.
  • Lesson 2 at the Museum will comprise group work to gather information and investigate historic and current methods for cleaning and delivering safe water to our homes.
  • Lesson 3 is a follow up session, which focuses on development and global issues associated with water.

Module/Theme 2: Human Interaction with Water

Lesson Plans

 The lessons focus on the investigation question ‘how do humans interact with water?’

  • The aim of Lesson 1 is to show pupils how human interaction with water has changed over time and space. Pupils are encouraged to form their own opinions to argue which was the most important evolution in this history.
  • In the field trip to the Waterworks Museum, pupils will examine how technology has changed how we use and access water over time. This will include examples with differentiated worksheets for pupils.
  • In the follow up lesson, resources will provide a recap to introduce a global comparison of water usage and technology in the UK, to a rural village in Bangladesh.

Module/Theme 3: Why do rivers flood?

Lesson Plans

The three lessons in this module are based on the National Curriculum area of: understanding, through the use of detailed place-based exemplars at a variety of scale, the key processes of hydrology, and how human activity relies on the effective functioning of natural systems.

  • Lesson 1 is about the processes involved in river flooding, including some work on local knowledge of Herefordshire.
  • Lesson 2 is based around a visit to the Waterworks Museum, which is anticipated as a half day visit or, possibly, extended to a day if fieldwork opportunities are followed up.
  • Lesson 3 is based on an assessment of river flooding in Hereford.