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Waterworks Museum - Hereford
Broomy Hill

Telephone Numbers

What's On: 01432 361 147
Administrator: 01432 357 236
Engineering: 01432 267 491
Group Visits: 01432 275 198
Education Visits: 01432 340 001

Opening Times

The Waterworks Museum is open one day a week all year round, except two weeks at Christmas and New Year.

Day: every Tuesday

Time: 11am to 4pm

Exhibits powered by electric motors are usually working. Steam and internal combustion engines are not normally working on a Tuesday unless being tested during maintenance.

Open Days In Steam

Visitors can see the engines and pumps at the Waterworks Museum in full operation on up to 20 days each year: on the 2nd and last Sunday of the month and on most Bank Holidays between Easter and the end of October. The Museum is open between 12-4pm, with all engines working from 1pm.

Details of special events or activities on in-steam days can be found in the Museum’s Calendar (copy available here) or by sending an email request to

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