Museum Policies


The Museum prides itself on being a valued learning resource for schools, being attractive and accessible to all groups in society, and as a family friendly Museum in every sense.

As an accredited museum, the key policy which underlies the strategic direction for the Museum is our Collections Development Policy, and its associated policies for collections management and record keeping.

But the Musuem also has the policies any charity or small business would be required to have.

The Health and Safety Policy sets out the framework by which the Museum will protect the general safety and wellbeing of visitors, members, volunteers and the public, and the Safeguarding Policy defines how the Museum operates to safeguard children and vulnerable people.

The Equality and Diversity Policy explains how the Museum is committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination, victimisation and harassment, and to promoting equality of opportunity.

The Environmental Sustainability Policy covers the natural, built, economic and social environment of the Museum and the Data Protection Policy states the Trustee’s commitment to protecting the privacy and the standards individuals can expect the Museum to maintain with regard to any personal information it holds.

Further information about any of the policies of the Museum can be provided on request.