How We Are Managed


The Waterworks Museum is a not for profit museum structured as a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.

The Museum has full accreditation status under the Arts Council England scheme, which sets nationally agreed standards for museums in the UK.


The Waterworks Museum receives no public funding. It operates with the support its benefactors and by using revenues from admission fees, grants, awards and membership subscriptions. Funding falls under two main categories: revenue support for day-to-day expenditure and capital funding for projects.

The Museum is wholly operated by volunteers which means it is only possible to open to the public on around 70 days a year. Accordingly, the admission charges and other revenues generated do not cover on-going day-to-day expenditure.

The Trustees are very grateful to the Museum’s benefactors (Dwr Cymru Welsh Water and The Southall Trust) who have helped to sustain the costs of running this active, working and dynamic museum since it was established in the 1970’s. The annual fees paid by Members of the Museum and the donations we receive are also very important, especially where they are given under Gift Aid, which adds considerably, and most valuably, to the funds available to operate the Museum.

The Museum always has projects under way from the rescue and restoration of engines, pumps or other relevant machinery, to major and minor building projects. Making the collection widely accessible to visitors is very important and new display projects are continuously planned and carried out. Such projects require capital funding and the Museum approaches various funding bodies with appropriate proposals.


The Museum is wholly governed, managed and operated by Volunteers and has no paid staff.

The governing body is the Council of Management, the members of which are charity trustees. The day-to-day management of the Museum is delegated to Trustees elected annually to serve as Directors, who collectively oversee the activities of the Museum’s Volunteers.

The Council of Management comprises 18 trustees, five of who have been appointed as Directors. The Council meets at least four times a year and is accountable to the Members of the Museum, of which there are currently around 180. The Directors attend the Museum most Tuesdays and meet collectively on a regular basis.


Over 50 of the Museum’s members are also active Volunteers. Some support the Museum every Tuesday, others attend on family open-days or work behind the scenes.

Our Volunteer Engineers are mainly (but not exclusively) active or retired engineers, scientists or technicians, who give their time to the restoration, installation and maintenance of the Museum’s site, building and its collections.

Others Volunteers support administration and marketing activities, or the provision of education, stewarding, catering or the other support Trustees need to operate the Museum. The Museum’s Trustees and Directors are also volunteers.

On a typical Tuesday, there are between 20 and 30 Volunteers working on site.

New volunteers are welcome at any time. Just send an email to the Chairman via or come along to the Museum any Tuesday between 10am and 4pm and ask to speak to a Director.


The Museum prides itself on being a valued learning resource for schools, being attractive and accessible to all groups in society, and as a family friendly Museum in every sense.

The Health and Safety Policy sets out the framework by which the Museum will protect the general safety and wellbeing of visitors, members, volunteers and the public, and the Safeguarding Policy defines how the Museum operates to safeguard children and vulnerable people.

The Equality and Diversity Policy explains how the Museum is committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination, victimisation and harassment, and to promoting equality of opportunity.

The Environmental Sustainability Policy covers the natural, built, economic and social environment of the Museum and the Data Protection Policy states the Trustee’s commitment to protecting the privacy and the standards individuals can expect the Museum to maintain with regard to any personal information it holds.

Further information about the policies of the Museum can be provided on request.


Chairman & Company SecretaryRichard Curtis
Chief Engineer & Safety OfficerPeter Heaton
TreasurerMike Harries
Collections ManagerFred Snelgrove
DirectorDerek Duffett


TrusteePaul Allen
TrusteeAdrian Eyre
Youth TrusteeAlex Rowe
TrusteeColin Hughes
TrusteeJill Phillips
TrusteeGraham Prosser
TrusteeKathy Burrows
TrusteeNeil Atkins
TrusteeDave Smith
TrusteeKeith Munn
TrusteeBrian Nelson
TrusteeBrian Pearson
Trustee (Representing Welsh Water)Vicky Martin


Governance Structure Chart 2020