How We Are Funded


The Waterworks Museum receives no public funding. It operates with the support its benefactors and by using revenues from admission fees, grants, awards and membership subscriptions. Funding falls under two main categories: revenue support for day-to-day expenditure and capital funding for projects.

The Museum is wholly operated by volunteers which means it is only possible to open to the public on around 70 days a year. Accordingly, the admission charges and other revenues generated do not cover on-going day-to-day expenditure.

The Trustees are very grateful to the Museum’s benefactors (Dwr Cymru Welsh Water and The Southall Trust) who have helped to sustain the costs of running this active, working and dynamic museum since it was established in the 1970’s. The annual fees paid by Members of the Museum and the donations we receive are also very important, especially where they are given under Gift Aid, which adds considerably, and most valuably, to the funds available to operate the Museum.

The Museum always has projects under way from the rescue and restoration of engines, pumps or other relevant machinery, to major and minor building projects. Making the collection widely accessible to visitors is very important and new display projects are continuously planned and carried out. Such projects require capital funding and the Museum approaches various funding bodies with appropriate proposals.