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Main things to see at the museum

The gallery below shows some of the main exhibits visitors can see at the Waterworks Museum. It’s also illustrates visiting members of the public and group visits, some events hosted at the Museum and children and families enjoying our Heritage Water Park.

Worth Mackenzie Triple Expansion Steam Engine 1895

1895 Worth Mackenzie Triple Expansion Steam Engine - The giant exhibit that many visitors come especially to see.

Heritage Water Park

The Noel Meeke Heritage Water Park - The outdoor exhibition space opened in 2015 - fun for all visitors.

WWII Exhibition

WWII - The only permanent exhibition relating to Hereford in WWII.

Tangye Single Cylinder Steam Engine 1890

Tangye Engine - Situated in the Tangye House the Water Pumping Station relocated to the Museum from Leominster.

Overshot Waterwheel 1907

Overshot Water Wheel - An excellent example of an overshot water wheel from Wales.

Hayward Tyler Rider Type 1HP Hot Air Engine 1880

Hayward Tyler Hot Air Engines - The Museum is recognised as a centre of excellence for hot-air engines.


The Sump - The in situ Victorian Sump (or well) from which water from the River Wye was lifted to the water treatment works in Broomy Hill.

Horse Drawn Fire Engine 1805

Horse Drawn Fire Engine - The Museum houses a range of early exhibits relating to fire fighting in Herefordshire.

Riley Brothers Lancashire Boiler 1895

Lancashire Boiler - The in-stue boiler that powered the triple expansion beam engine at Broomy Hill Pumping Station.

Blackstone Engine

Blackstone Vertical Diesel Engine - A Blackstone vertical diesel engines saved from the Royal Ordnance Munitions Factory at Rotherwas, Hereford.

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