All steamed up!

Family travelled up from Kent for the weekend. A stated desire to go to the Waterworks museum was not what I had in mind, however SWMBO'd insisted.

I was pleasantly surprised. Slightly informal in approach, but very approachable in other ways. The volunteers in the various 'bays' were all keen to demonstrate their particular piece of equipment, turning them on or off as the visitor required. Very chatty, very informative and very dedicated to maintaining the machinery. The sights, sounds and smells all gave an exciting atmosphere to the exhibits.

The day we went was shared with members of the Stirling Engine club. Some fascinating hand made machines that ran on the smallest of heat sources. True amateur engineers with remarkable skill.

Home baked cakes and a mug of tea half way through the visit were most welcome. Lovely baking and a decent brew all at very low prices - how do they manage?

A second round of visits and I realised I could have stayed longer. I even got all steamed up when one of the exhibits blew off some pressure. I was reminded of the old steam engines at the railway station.

In fact there is a small gauge steam train running for children (and adults).

A truly excellent visit that made me realise that something new isn't always bad.

I have bought SWMBO'd some flowers as a thank you for a great day.

Visited October 2015,