All Steam Ahead for a great day out

What a little gem of a museum, Organised a trip to Wales and on the return journey called into this gem. The day in question was a steam day. This is where they get these lovely old engines in steam and bring the whole site to life. The volunteers do a brilliant job. Their dedication is amazing. We arrived just after it opened at 10 am. The guide explained that they don’t steam up until 1.00 pm. You can walk around the museum seeing all the different engines that will be coming to life. They have all sorts. One in particular was the hot air engine. This works on just hot air pushing up the piston and a cold water jacket cooling a different piston to pull it down, a fascinating machine that I had never even seen until our trip. The building is the original Victorian pumping station for the Hereford Water Company. At 1.00 pm the whole place came alive and the machines (with a gentle bit of coaxing) sprang to life. The fly wheels are spinning the pistons going up and down all enveloped by a mist of steam. A wonderful place and well worth a visit.